I00 000 disparus
Lost in the jails of South America
- Undercover of the Night

I mean, also, there's audiences in South America, nobody goes there... It's not all the bands' fault. They'd go there if it was made a lot easier to get there. It's not easy to get to those places. You've got everything working against you, from the sort of agent-manager flim-flam syndrome of why should we send them to South America where nobody knows how to put on a tour and it's miles away, when we can stick them in (Madison Square) Garden for 6 nights and make a fortune. There's no P.A. on the whole of the South American continent that's worthy of the name, so that means that one has to be shipped there. There's every reason not to go there, except that the audiences are there and they're crying out to see people that they keep reading about. I mean they buy thousands of magazines just to see some scrappy pictures of Mick and Bianca on the middle-page spread...
- Keith Richards, 1978




Bogota                  Estadio El Campin                       Mar. 10, 2016 


Estadio El Campin, Bogota, Colombia, March 10, 2016




 Lima               Estadio Monumental                        Mar. 6, 2016





Rio de Janeiro      Maracana Stadium                       Feb. 2, 1995
                             Maracana Stadium                       Feb. 4, 1995
                             Praša da Apoteose                       Apr. 11, 1998
                             Praia de Copacabana                  Feb. 18, 2006
                             Maracana Stadium                       Feb. 20, 2016 


Praia de Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, February 18, 2006

I really like to go to places I know nothing about. Brazil is an amazing place, aside from the amazing hangovers from the Spanish thing that run it. North of Rio it gets really primitive, and Mick's been there a couple times. But even Rio, man, on New Year's, on the beach practicing macumba. Whole place turns into... Thousands of thousands of people living in shacks on hills and every time they knock one down, 3 or 4 new ones pop up...
- Keith Richards, 1971

Sao Paulo                                Pacaembu Stadium                                      Jan. 27, 1995
                                                Pacaembu Stadium                                      Jan. 28, 1995
                                                Pacaembu Stadium                                      Jan. 30, 1995
                                                Estadio do Ibirapuera                                  Apr. 13, 1998
                                                Morumbi Stadium                                        Feb. 24, 2016
                                                Morumbi Stadium                                        Feb. 27, 2016

(A)n even more incredible city is Sao Paulo. Which is, in the south, as fast as New York, as speedy as that in tropical conditions. It pours down rain for 10 minutes, then the sun comes out and it's 120, and the place starts to steam. Millions of people rushing about... all for Coca Cola. It's just like New York. Lot of good guitar players down there. All over South America, it must be the most widely played instrument.
- Keith Richards, 1971

Porto Alegre                            Estadio Beira-Rio                                        Mar. 2, 2016



Montevideo            Estadio Centenario                        Feb. 16, 2016

Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay,  February 16, 2016                        



Buenos Aires         River Plate Stadium                        Feb. 9, 1995
                              River Plate Stadium                        Feb. 11, 1995
                              River Plate Stadium                        Feb. 12, 1995
                              River Plate Stadium                        Feb. 14, 1995
                              River Plate Stadium                        Feb. 16, 1995


River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 1995

                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Mar. 29, 1998
                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Mar. 30, 1998
                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Apr. 2, 1998
                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Apr. 4, 1998
                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Apr. 5, 1998
                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Feb. 21, 2006
                                                River Plate Stadium                                    Feb. 23, 2006

La Plata (near Buenos Aires)        Estadio Ciudad de La Plata                       Feb. 7, 2016
                                                Estadio Ciudad de La Plata                       Feb. 10, 2016
                                                Estadio Ciudad de La Plata                       Feb. 13, 2016



Santiago          Estadio Nacional                          Feb. 19, 1995
                        Estadio Nacional                          Feb. 4, 2016