Western Australia
South Australia
Victoria (Australia)
New South Wales (Australia)
Queensland (Australia)
Southern New Zealand
Northern New Zealand



I'm sending in a letter to my sister
In Australia, Sister Marie...
- Send It to Me
Western Australia


Perth       Capitol Theatre                                         Feb. 13, 1965
               Capitol Theatre                                         Mar. 2, 1966
               Western Australia Cricket Ground            Feb. 24, 1973
               Perry Lakes Stadium                                 Apr. 8, 1995
               Perth Arena                                               Oct. 29, 2014
               Perth Arena                                               Nov. 1, 2014

South Australia


Adelaide             Centennial Hall                                     Feb. 12, 1965
                           Centennial Hall                                     Feb. 22, 1966
                           Memorial Drive Park                            Feb. 20, 1973
                           Memorial Drive Park                            Feb. 21, 1973

  Australia, February 1973

                                                Adelaide Football Park                           Apr. 5, 1995
                                                Adelaide Oval                                          Oct. 25, 2014



Melbourne             Palais Theatre (St-Kilda)                      Jan. 28, 1965
                              Palais Theatre (St-Kilda)                      Jan. 29, 1965
                              Palais Theatre (St-Kilda)                      Feb. 10, 1965

[Melbourne, 1965.]  Amazing number of birds (girls) there. In Melbourne, too, in that weird motel, all glass. Bill on the phone to the hall porter, Send me up that one in the pink. Nine in one day he had, no kidding, he just sat all day long in his bedroom looking out the window, and he's right in with the hall porter. No, not that one, the one with the blond hair, not THAT horror. Used to tell him off for sending up uglies. It was in Melbourne we kept calling up the blind DJ and asking for songs like I'm Beginning to See the Light.
- Keith Richards

                                                Palais Theatre (St Kilda)                             Feb. 24, 1966
                                                Palais Theatre (St Kilda)                             Feb. 25, 1966
                                                Palais Theatre (St Kilda)                             Feb. 26, 1966
                                                Kooyong Tennis Courts                               Feb. 17, 1973
                                                Kooyong Tennis Courts                               Feb. 18, 1973
                                                Melbourne Cricket Ground                         Mar. 27, 1995
                                                Melbourne Cricket Ground                         Mar. 28, 1995


 Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia, March 1995

                                                Rod Laver Arena                                           Feb. 25, 2003
                                                Rod Laver Arena                                           Feb. 27, 2003
                                                Rod Laver Arena                                           Mar. 1, 2003
                                                Rod Laver Arena                                           Apr. 13, 2006
                                                Rod Laver Arena                                           Nov. 5, 2014

New South Wales

Sydney                 Manufacturers Auditorium                     Jan. 22, 1965
                             Manufacturers Auditorium                     Jan. 23, 1965
                             Manufacturers Auditorium                     Jan. 27, 1965
                             Commemorative Auditorium                  Feb. 18, 1966
                             Commemorative Auditorium                  Feb. 19, 1966
                             Royal Randwick Racecourse                  Feb. 26, 1973
                             Royal Randwick Racecourse                  Feb. 27, 1973

  Australia, February 1973

(In the 60s and early 70s), there wasn't really - I hate to use the word, but I think it's a good one - there was no INDUSTRY really. It was all very amateur night: there were a few professional promoters, and fewer honest ones. So the artist had to become interested. We had gone to Australia, and there was no roof, and it was 110 degrees. So I remember telling Rod Stewart, Say, Rod, when you go down there, don't forget to take a roof, and put it in your contract. I mean, these guys don't give you a roof! (laughs)
- Mick Jagger, 1984

                Sydney Cricket Ground                               Apr. 1, 1995
                Sydney Cricket Ground                               Apr. 2, 1995
                Enmore Theatre                                           Feb. 18, 2003
                SuperDome                                                  Feb. 20, 2003
                SuperDome                                                  Feb. 22, 2003
                Telstra Stadium                                           Apr. 11, 2006
                Allphones Arena                                          Nov. 12, 2014

                                                            Enmore Theatre, Sydney,  Australia, February 18, 2003

Hunter Valley            Hope Estate                              Nov. 15, 2014





Brisbane         City Hall                                                  Jan. 25, 1965
                       City Hall                                                  Jan. 26, 1965
                       City Hall                                                  Feb. 21, 1966
                       Milton Park Tennis Courts                      Feb. 13, 1973
                       Milton Park Tennis Courts                      Feb. 14, 1973
                       ANZ Stadium                                           Apr. 12, 1995
                       Brisbane Entertainment Centre               Mar. 4, 2003
                       Brisbane Entertainment Centre               Mar. 5, 2003
                       Brisbane Entertainment Centre               Nov. 18, 2014


Southern New Zealand


Invercargill             Civic Theatre                      Feb. 2, 1965

Dunedin                 Town Hall                           Feb. 3, 1965

Christchurch          Theatre Royal                      Feb. 1, 1965

Northern New Zealand


Wellington                Town Hall                   Feb. 8, 1965
                                 Town Hall                   Feb. 28, 1966
                                 Westpac Stadium        Apr. 18, 2006

[Wellington, February 28, 1966.]  (The concert) was so frightening. The only thing we could do was throw our instruments to one side and hope for the best. The next day we had the coolest press reception ever, it was great. It took place round the swimming pool of our hotel, it was so relaxing, no shirt and tie performance, just a pair of swimming trunks. Shame Bill wasn't around to enjoy it. We forgot to tell him, so he went shark fishing instead, but I don't think he caught anything but the sun.
- Brian Jones

Auckland                                 Town Hall                                                 Feb. 6, 1965
                                                Civic Theatre                                            Mar. 1, 1966
                                                Western Springs Stadium                          Feb. 11, 1973
                                                Western Springs Stadium                          Apr. 16, 1995
                                                Western Springs Stadium                          Apr. 17, 1995
                                                Western Springs Speedway                       Apr. 16, 2006
                                                Mt Smart Stadium                                     Nov. 22, 2014