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Northern Virginia

Well I'm down in Virginia with your cousin Lou
There'll be no wedding today
- Dear Doctor

Charlottesville            Scott Stadium                                       Oct. 6, 2005

Southern Virginia


 Hampton                Hampton Roads Coliseum                      Aug. 6, 1975
                                Hampton Roads Coliseum                      June 21, 1978
                                Hampton Roads Coliseum                      Dec. 18, 1981

[Hampton, December 18, 1981.]  Yeah, (we were nervous) because we were doing live TV but, you know, once you get out there... you know, it's all this thinking about it. Keith was saying, No! I don't wanna do this! What have we gotten into? And then you try and blame, How did I get into this? It's your fault! No, it's YOUR fault! And then when you eventually get out there, it's really the same as any other show. Except that the pressure is that you know you gotta kind of sing pretty much in tune whereas I - I know I should always sing in tune and all that, but there's a sort of thing where you can't do everything, you know. If you want to do a lot of leaping about and foolin', you can't expect every note to be note perfect. So the pressure is a bit to sing a bit better than you would normally and not fool around quite so much.
- Mick Jagger, 1982, on the live telecast

                                Hampton Roads Coliseum                      Dec. 19, 1981


Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, December 1981

Virginia Beach           Virginia Beach Dome                             July 4, 1966

Norfolk                       The Scope                                              July 5, 1972

Southwestern Tennessee

I met a gin-soaked barroom queen in Memphis
- Honky Tonk Women


 Memphis                 Mid-South Coliseum                                Nov. 17, 1965

I remember playing Memphis back in the "scream" age and if any of the 12-year-old girls would get up and take an Instamatic flash shot, a uniformed policeman would beat her on the head with a nightstick and push her back into her seat. That was complete normality...
- Mick Jagger, 1983

                                 Memorial Stadium                                   July 4, 1975
                                 Mid-South Coliseum                                June 28, 1978
                                 Liberty Bowl                                            Sep. 27, 1994
                                 The Pyramid                                            Apr. 8, 1999
                                 FedEx Forum                                           Dec. 3, 2005

Northern Tennessee

Nashville                   Municipal Auditorium                               Nov. 16, 1965
                                  Municipal Auditorium                               June 29, 1972
                                  Vanderbilt Stadium                                    Oct. 26, 1997
                                  Gaylord Entertainment Center                  Nov. 25, 2002
                                  LP Field                                                     June 17, 2015

Knoxville                  Civic Coliseum Auditorium                        Nov. 14, 1965
                                  Civic Arena                                                July 7, 1972

North Carolina


Well I'll break big in New Orleans and overspill in Caroline...
- Parachute Woman

Greensboro               Memorial Auditorium                                  Nov. 12, 1965
                                  Greensboro Auditorium & Coliseum          July 31, 1975

  USA, 1975

                                  War Memorial Coliseum                            June 26, 1978

Durham                     Wallace Wade Stadium                               Oct. 8, 2005

Raleigh                      Reynolds Coliseum                                     Nov. 10, 1965
                                  Carter-Finley Stadium                                Sep. 16, 1989
                                  Carter-Finley Stadium                                Sep. 7, 1994
                                  Carter-Finley Stadium                                July 1, 2015

Charlotte                    Coliseum                                                    Nov. 15, 1965
                                  Coliseum                                                     July 6, 1972
                                  Ericsson Stadium                                        Oct. 10, 1997
                                  Coliseum                                                     Mar. 20, 1999
                                  Charlotte Bobcats Arena                            Oct. 21, 2005

Western South Carolina


Clemson                   Death Valley Stadium                                 Nov. 26, 1989

Columbia                 Williams Brice Stadium                               Sep. 25, 1994

Northeastern South Carolina


Myrtle Beach           Convention Center                                     June 22, 1978


Statesboro                Georgia Southern College                         May 4, 1965

Atlanta                     The Omni                                                   July 30, 1975
                                Atlanta Fox Theatre                                   June 12, 1978

  Atlanta Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia, June 12, 1978

                                 Atlanta Fox Theatre                                   Oct. 26, 1981

[Atlanta, October 26, 1981.]  You hate to do the same thing all the time. I love playing the ballparks and the DOMES, you know. For the satisfaction of the band it gives you a terrific buzz - so many people. But by doing just one thing all the time, you forget how to do anything else... And I've always found that if you put in a few 3000-seaters on the tour, and even 300, it gives the band itself a confidence quite apart from anything else... And probably the band feels that working in one of the nice old places like the Fox Theater in Atlanta is kind of MORE satisfying most of the time because the sound isn't dissipated totally, and you don't have to worry about the wind factor and things like that.
- Keith Richards, 1982

                                  Grant Field                                                 Nov. 21, 1989
                                  Georgia Dome                                            Nov. 15, 1994
                                  Georgia Dome                                            Nov. 16, 1994
                                  Georgia Dome                                            Dec. 9, 1997
                                  Turner Field                                               Oct. 26, 2002
                                  Philips Arena                                              Oct. 15, 2005
                                  Philips Arena                                              Feb. 8, 2006
                                  Bobby Dodd Stadium                                  June 9, 2015

Northeastern Florida

Jacksonville                Jacksonville Coliseum                                May 8, 1965
                                    Gator Bowl                                                 Aug. 2, 1975
                                    Gator Bowl                                                 Nov. 25, 1989

Gainesville                  University of Florida                                  Nov. 27, 1994

Southeastern Florida


West Palm Beach        International Raceway                               Nov. 30, 1969

[West Palm Beach, November 30, 1969.]  We'd done this incredible flight from New York to West Palm Beach and sat on the tarmac in the plane for 9 hours at LaGuardia, in New York, while they got it ready. We got to the gig 8 hours behind schedule, after a helicopter flight. We got on at 4 o'clock in the morning. Below zero. And that was the last gig of the tour proper... Such a sight. That place wasn't much better than Altamont. Everyone was frozen stiff... You could enjoy the people for hanging around that long but it was too fucking cold to play properly and we tried to do the whole show... too fucking cold. A bummer. After Madison Square Garden, came out of 3 shows there to freeze your balls off in a Florida swamp.
- Keith Richards, 1971

Fort Lauderdale            National Car Rental Center                       Mar. 5, 1999
                                     Bank Atlantic Center                                  Mar. 12, 2006

  National Car Rental Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 1999

Sunrise (near Fort Lauderdale)        Office Depot Center                       Oct. 22, 2002

I want a real fine car, fly Miami too
- Luxury
Miami                            Orange Bowl                                               Nov. 15, 1989
                                      Orange Bowl                                               Nov. 16, 1989
                                      Joe Robbie Stadium                                     Nov. 25, 1994
                                      Orange Bowl                                               Dec. 5, 1997
                                      American Airlines Arena                             Oct. 23, 2002
                                      American Airlines Arena                             Oct. 17, 2005

Central Western Florida

Clearwater                      Jack Russell Stadium                                  May 6, 1965

Well I'm Tampa bound and Memphis too
Short fat Fanny is on the loose
- Rip This Joint
Tampa                            Tampa Stadium                                            Nov. 18, 1989
                                       Tampa Stadium                                            Nov. 22, 1994
                                       Ice Palace                                                    Mar. 3, 1999
                                       St. Pete Times Forum                                  Oct. 19, 2005

Lakeland                        Civic Center                                                 June 10, 1978


 Concert ticket, Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida, June 10, 1978

Orlando                            Tangerine Bowl                                         Oct. 24, 1981
                                         Tangerine Bowl                                         Oct. 25, 1981
                                         Citrus Bowl                                               Dec. 7, 1997
                                         Citrus Bowl                                               June 12, 2015

Southwestern Alabama

In the heat of the day down in Mobile, Alabama
Working on the railroad with a steel driving hammer
- Let It Rock

 Mobile                            Municipal Auditorium                                    June 27, 1972

One time we jumped in this car with an Alabama state trooper. Keith used to carry a little shaving kit that had an ounce of pharmaceutical cocaine and an ounce of hash. And this down-home cop is carrying it like it was the crown jewels. He had no idea what it was. I really enjoyed being in situations involving Keith. They always seemed like part of a Fellini movie.
- Bobby Keys, saxophonist


Central Alabama


Auburn                             University Coliseum                                       Nov. 14, 1969

  USA, 1969

Tuscaloosa                         University of Alabama                                  June 28, 1972

Wham, bam, Birmingham, Alabam', don't give a damn
- Rip This Joint
Birmingham                         Legion Field Stadium                                    May 7, 1965

[Birmingham, May 7, 1965.]  We were laying by a swimming pool, just sunbathing. After a couple of hours a speed cop came up to us and said the police had been swamped with complaints from passing motorists saying they had seen a group of women indecently exposing themselves.
- Brian Jones

                                            Legion Field Stadium                                    Oct. 5, 1989
                                            Legion Field Stadium                                    Aug. 6, 1994