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Southeastern Louisiana


I got to fly today on down to Baton Rouge
My nerves are shot already, the road ain't all that smooth
- Memory Motel

Baton Rouge                           Louisiana State University                   June 1, 1975

[Baton Rouge, June 1, 1975.]  At 5:00, there's 30 seconds of foot-stomping, which inexplicably stops, as if on signal. Out in the crowd, I find a general bliss-out. Hey, the Stones happen when they happen, you know? Only one young crazy grabbed me to let me know that, hey, I'm going' crazy. This crowd is bummin' me out. I went around all day wishin' everybody a happy Rollin' Stones Day. Don't seem like much now. The Meters bum me out, man. What a bad choice. He was the exception. The rule exploded with cheers at 5:20 when the house lights went down and the first keening notes of Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man flooded the hall and the crowd surged forward and strobe lights winked like angry flying insects around the hall. A surging Super Trooper spotlight pinioned Jagger as he lay on his back at the tip of the star point out front. Keith ground into the down and dirty opening chords of Honky Tonk Women and we were off to the races.
- Chet Flippo, On the Road with the Rolling Stones (1985)

   Gold Coast slave shipbound for cotton fields
Sold in a market down in New Orleans
- Brown Sugar

New Orleans                           The Superdome                                    July 13, 1978
                                                The Superdome                                    Dec. 5, 1981
                                                The Superdome                                    Nov. 13, 1989

  Steel Wheels stage, USA, 1989

                                               The Superdome                                    Oct. 10, 1994


Northwestern Louisiana

Your Louisiana recipes have let me down
- Till the Next Goodbye

 Shreveport       State Fair Youth Center         Nov. 20, 1965




Little Rock, fit to drop, ah let it rock!
- Rip This Joint

  Little Rock        War Memorial Stadium            Nov. 11, 1994
                            Alltel Arena                              Mar. 9, 2006



Oklahoma City looks oh so pretty...
- Route 66

Norman                  Owen Field                       Oct. 28, 1997
Oklahoma City      Myriad Arena                    Apr. 10, 1999
                              Ford Center Arena            Jan. 28, 2003

Tulsa                     Assembly Center               Nov. 23, 1965


Western Texas

Make a million for the Texans, twenty dollar me
- Luxury


El Paso                  Sun Bowl                                             Nov. 3, 1994
                              Sun Bowl                                             Oct. 20, 2006


Eastern Texas

Across in Texas is the rose of San Antone
I keep on a-feeling that gnawing in my bones
     -Memory Motel

 San Antonio                           Texas State Fair                                   June 6, 1964

[San Antonio, June 1964.]  I didn't know it man, but we played on the same show as Bobby Keys in '64, first time we went to San Antone. San Antone State Fair... George Jones, Bobby Vee, that's who Bobby Keys was playing with, playing with Bobby Vee's backup band. I remember that gig, but I don't remember Bobby. But the reason I remember San Antone so much is waking up and this is, I mean, a young English cat never been face to face with the realities of American life. San Antone was like one of the first places we hit after Omaha and L.A.. L.A., Omaha, San Antone, you know, really right in there. I put on the TV the first morning: 15 killed last night in a brawl down on the river Brazos or whatever it is. I thought, God, they're riotin' down here, what's going on? Is it a race riot, old chap? Did you hear that? All these weird people with this English accent. Turn on the TV next morning, 18 people killed last night and it slowly began to sink in, right, every night around 15 or 20 people get it done to them in San Antone, either Mexicans or spades or kids that go out. I  mean in '65, I don't know if the locals are still up to it but in '64 they were very into spick hunting. You know, just go across the river on a Friday night and have a night, have a little chiv up. I mean that's amazing. Why doesn't someone do something about that? That's what I used to think then. You know, that doesn't happen in my home town. It happens, one could find it, you could find it in any town, you could find it in my town, sure. But it wasn't that 18 people were dead the next morning... If I'm exaggerating over the years, 12 people dead or whatever. But     regularly every morning! I was there for about four or five days and every morning it was within two or three of 15.
- Keith Richards, 1971

                                                Texas State Fair                                  June 7, 1964
                                                Convention Center                              June 3, 1975

[San Antonio, June 3, 1975.]  As the day wore on, more and more curious fans started drifting in (the Stones' hotel)... When I went down... (to) the lobby, I almost staggered from the hot, steamy aroma of raw lust and hot sex that hit me like a cheap whore. The lobby was literally crawling with flesh. Even a blind man could have figured that scene out. Chicks. Chicks everywhere. Aside to politically and socially correct critics: No other word will describe these females but chicks. These are not bimbos, even. These are budding teenies. They call themselves chicks. They are astonishing and awesome in appearance. Pert, first of all. Everything is pert, from the perfectly uptilted nose to the high cheekbones and the casually tossed back golden mane of hair to the impossibly impertinent skyward thrust of the cherry nipples on the Rocket 88 tits straining against the very fabric of their flimsy Stones T-shirts and the incredibly tight - How do they do it? Sit wearing them for hours in the tub? - blue jeans that are near epiphany. And suede loinclothes and halters. And straining leather. And silk scarves here and nothing there. Whew. That was the first - and only - time I have ever been in the midst of a fetid orgy just aching to happen. I had to go take a cold shower and lie down for a while. How do the Stones cope with this sort of temptation? They apparently don't take cold showers.
- Chet Flippo, On the Road with the Rolling Stones (1985)

                                                 Convention Center                              June 4, 1975
                                                 The Alamo Dome                                Nov. 5, 1994
                                                 SBC Center                                         Nov. 23, 2002

Houston                                   Sam Houston Coliseum                       July 11, 1966

  USA, 1966

                                                Hofheinz Pavilion                                June 25, 1972
                                                Hofheinz Pavilion                                July 19, 1978
                                                The Astrodome                                    Oct. 28, 1981
                                                The Astrodome                                    Oct. 29, 1981
                                                The Astrodome                                    Nov. 8, 1989
                                                The Astrodome                                    Nov. 13, 1994
                                                The Compaq Center                            Feb. 12, 1998
                                                The Compaq Center                            Feb. 13, 1998
                                                Reliant Stadium                                   Jan. 25, 2003
                                                Toyota Center                                      Dec. 1, 2005 

Austin                                      Zilker Park                                          Oct. 22, 2006

I'll make my blow in Dallas and get hot again in half the time
- Parachute Woman

Dallas                                       Memorial Auditorium                         Nov. 21, 1965
                                                 Moody Coliseum                                 Nov. 13, 1969

[Dallas, November 13, 1969.]  One girl, kneeling before the stage, kept yelling, Take it off! Jagger lashed her into silence with Midnight Rambler, swinging his belt overhead, crashing it down onto the stage. There were shrieks in the darkness as Mick crawled on all fours, looking stark mad in a red spot.
- Stanley Booth, The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones

                                                 Cotton Bowl                                        July 6, 1975

  USA, 1975

If you had predicted 20 years ago that Southerners - rich and fashionable Southerners, at that - would rush out to embrace (foreign: German) Mercedes cars and (foreign: Colombian) expensive cocaine and (foreign: British) Rolling Stones music, you would have been called a foreign faggot or worse. No more. I know Dallas bankers and brokers who are growing up with the Stones and whose growing-up pains include elaborate pre-Stones dope-and-alcohol parties and then the actual Stones concert and then the post-Stones-concert party. Have you ever seen a rich, 225-pound redneck ex-fullback high on the finest cocaine chugging Josť Cuervo Gold as he yells: Stones rule! Some kind of cultural mix, that is.
- Chet Flippo, On the Road with the Rolling Stones (1985)

                                                Cotton Bowl                                             Oct. 31, 1981
                                                Cotton Bowl                                             Nov. 1, 1981
                                                Cotton Bowl                                             Nov. 10, 1989
                                                Cotton Bowl                                             Nov. 11, 1989
                                                Cotton Bowl                                             Nov. 18, 1994
                                                American Airlines Center                         Nov. 29, 2005

Fort Worth                               Will Rogers Coliseum                               Nov. 21, 1965
                                                Tarrant County Convention Centre          June 24, 1972
                                                Will Rogers Auditorium                            July 18, 1978
                                                Texas Motor Speedway                             Nov. 1, 1997
                                                American Airlines Center                         Nov. 29, 2005

Arlington                                 AT&T Stadium                                         June 6, 2015