Czech Republic



I stuck around St. Petersburg when I saw it was a time for a change
I killed the Tzar and his ministers, Anastasia screamed in vain
- Sympathy for the Devil


Moscow                    Luzhniki Stadium                            Aug. 11, 1998

  Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia, August 11, 1998

Talking in the dressing room to the Russian cultural attaché, Mick tells of when they first tried to set up a Russian tour and he was asked what he would do to improve cultural standards of Russian youth. I said that I thought they could improve their own cultural standards without any help from me, Jagger said.
- Lisa Robinson, journalist, on tour with the Stones in 1975

St Petersburg               Palace Square                               July 28, 2007



Tallinn            Song Festival Ground                Aug. 8, 1998



Warsaw         Sala Kongresowej                                      Apr. 13, 1967
                      Sluzewiec Hippodrome                               July 25, 2007
                      PGE Narodowy                                          July 8, 2018

Like in Poland, in Warsaw in ' 67. Nearest thing to that Long Beach riot (1965) I ever saw...  We get there, behind the Iron Curtain, do the whole bit, all very uptight. There's army at the airport. Get to the hotel which is very jail-like. Lots of security people about, a lot like America. And it gets even more like America as it goes along. We're invited by the Minister of Culture, on a cultural visit, and we're playing in the Palace of Culture. We get there to do our gig. We go on. Honksi-de-boyski, boysk. Zee Rolling Stones-ki. And who's got the best seats in the house right down front? The songs and daughters of the hierarchy of the Communist Party. They're sitting there with their diamonds and their pearls... and their fingers in their ears. About 3 numbers, and I say, Fuckin' stop playing, Charlie. You fuckin' lot, get out and let those bastards in the back down front. So they went. About 4 rows just walked out. All the mamma and daddy's boys. Outside, they've got water cannons... All the cops had white helmets and the big long batons... There were 2000 kids that couldn't get in because of the sons and daughters. They wouldn't have had a riot there if they'd let the kids in. Only later I found out Poland is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. There can't be many bands that have played behind the Iron Curtain.
- Keith Richards, 1971

Chorzow         Slaski Stadium                                            Aug. 14, 1998


 Charlie on the Babylon bridge... Slaski Stadium, Chorzow, Poland, August 14, 1998



Prague   Stadion Praha-Strahov
               (*then former Czechoslovakia)                                              Aug. 18, 1990

Tanks are rolling out, the Stones are rolling in.
- Posters plastered over Prague, August 1990

            Stadion Praha-Strahov                                           Aug. 5, 1995
            Sport Hall                                                               Aug. 22, 1998
            Letenska Plan                                                         July 27, 2003
            Letnany field                                                           July 4, 2018

Brno    Outdoor Exhibition Center                                     July 22, 2007


Letenska Plan, Prague, Czech Republic, July 27, 2003