Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones

A peak into the soul of a Stone. In their own words.

Portrait of Mick    (2 parts.)                                           Portrait of Woody
Portrait of Keith   (2 parts.)                                                 Portrait of Bill
Portrait of Charlie                                                            Portrait of Brian

Time Is On Our Side

From the beginning of the Stone Age to the present, the Rolling Stones ponder the future - including some of their various answers to the age-old question: could this be the last time?, and their views on aging and getting older.

The 1960s                            The 1970s                            The 1980s                            The 1990s                            The 2000s                            The 2010s                            The 2020s

Can You Hear the Music?

Jagger/Richards: songwriters. The evolution, the craft, the motivation. (2 parts.)

The human riff. Rhythm made incarnate. Keith is not a man playing a guitar, he IS a guitar. A '57 Telecaster, more specifically.
Quotes and pics along this line, and shop talk... let it steal your heart away.

And the guitar player gets restless... Gunslingers: Brian vs. Taylor vs. Woody.

The World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band. Band members and critics analyze the magic.

The Ecstasy and the Irony: The Evolution of a Rhythm & Blues Band. A personal essay on the Stones' music. In 2 parts, plus pics and quotes.

The Glimmer Twin Files

                           You can be my partner in crime. The story of the Glimmer Twins' 63-year love-hate relationship...  In their own words. (2 parts.)

                           Dancing with Mr. J. Or Mick's bodytalk. The greatest performer in the history of the performing  arts.

                           Heart of Stone. Into the soul of the Stones. Keith's musical leadership inside the band - and fanatic devotion to said band.

Moon Is Up: AstroStones
The stars' influence on the Stones... The sun and the moon, in particular.

Astro Mick                                                Astro Woody
Astro Keith                                                     Astro Bill
Astro Charlie                                                Astro Brian

See You on Aldebaran: Parallel Universes

The Rolling Stones way of life.  Politics, society, history, metaphysics... The Stones wax philosophical from the '60s to now.

From the Twenties to the Sixties                         The Seventies                         The Eighties

The Nineties                         The Two-Thousands                         The Teens                         The Twenties

Shoot off your mouth.  Keith and Mick unload on fellow musicians.

Some girls.  Men are from Mars, women from Venus, the Stones from... Saturn? Some of the girls in the Stones' lives. The Stones bitch about women,
women bitch about the Stones. With pics and choice lyrics! (In 2 parts.)

  Faded Out on the Epilogue...

Haunted castles, Charlie's sleeping habits and the infamous peeing incident.  A transcript of
                            Bill Wyman's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman in August 1985.

Crackin' up.  A transcript of the Stones interviewing one another in late 1982.

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