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January US President John Kennedy sends new aid and army units to
     South Vietnam.
Britain and the USA walk out of nuclear test ban talks with the
     Soviet Union.

The Drifters - Save the Last Dance for Me
Ian and Sylvia - Ian and Sylvia

Violent acts are committed in France and Algeria over the French 
     Government's work toward independence for Algeria.
Astronaut John Glenn is the first American to orbit the earth.
The IRA calls off its 5-year campaign of violence.

Chubby Checker - For Teen Twisters Only
Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan
Ricky Nelson - Album Seven by Rick


The French army launches an offensive to crush the armed
     insurrection in Algeria.


Ray Charles - Modern Sounds in Country and
     Western Music
Sam Cooke - Twistin' the Night Away


Heavy fighting between the Iraqi army and Kurdish rebels.



Peter, Paul and Mary - Peter, Paul and Mary

President Kennedy sends troops to counter Communist forces in
Adolf Eichmann is hanged for his Nazi war crimes against Jews.

Judy Collins - Golden Apples of the Sun
Elvis Presley - Pot Luck with Elvis

Three prisoners escape from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco.
Brazil wins the World Cup (football/soccer).

The Marvelettes - Playboy
The Miracles - I'll Try Something New
*The Rolling Stones perform for the first time in

Rwanda and Burundi become independent.
France proclaims the independence of Algeria.
Death of US novelist William Faulkner.
Martin Luther King is jailed in Georgia (USA) for an illegal march.
The Telstar communicatons satellite becomes effective.
August Death of US actress Marilyn Monroe & German novelist Hermann
Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago achieve independence.
East Berlin army shoot an 18-year-old trying to climb the Berlin



Joan Baez - Joan Baez in Concert

20 000 die from an earthquake in Iran.
Sonny Liston becomes the heavyweight boxing world champion.
Riots follow the first enrolment of a black student at the University of

The Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari
Booker T & the MG's - Green Onions
Ray Charles - Modern Sounds in Country and
     Western Music, vol. 2
The Contours - Do You Love Me?
The Four Seasons - Sherry & 11 Others
Jimmy Reed - Just Jimmy Reed
The Supremes - Meet the Supremes
Little Stevie Wonder - Tribute to Uncle Ray
*The Beatles release their first single in


Uganda achieves independence.
The first James Bond film, Dr. No, is released.
Creation of Amnesty International.
The world narrowly escapes a nuclear confrontation during the
     Cuban Missile Crisis between the USA and the Soviet Union.


Chubby Checker - Limbo Party

Activist Nelson Mandela is jailed for 5 years in South Africa.
China wins an armed border dispute with India.

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass - The Lonely

Britain and the USA sign a nuclear missile alliance.


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