There ain't no stopping me

    January 11, 2019: Keith Richards posts a Happy New Year's greeting from Turks & Caicos.

Ron Wood & Keith Richards (January 2019): The current state of the Stones' album-in-progress

Ron: It's gradually moving forward... The thing is the songs are taking their own shape. We're trying to get the Jagger/Richards thing to flow normally again (laughs). And so whatever they're doing, let them resume and we'll carry on. Me and Charlie will get our call-up papers and say OK we're ready, let's go and cut the songs

Keith: Sometimes it’s not as much writing as listening to what’s been written and figuring it out, and honing and all kinds of stuff... (laughs) It’s very boring. It’s like a carpentry shop.

Keith Richards & Ron Wood (January 17-19, 2019): The Stones going back into the studio

Keith: At the moment the Stones are going into the studio next week and so I'm preparing for that, for a few days, to see what we've got. 'Cause we've been working away for - over the year Mick and I have been together several times. And a big sound that we've put together, quite an accumulation of stuff, so we're going to take it in the studio with the best of the boys and see what happens.

Ron: We're getting ready for recording in L.A. in about a week's time, and then getting ready to tour.

    January 19, 2019: Ronnie appears on UK TV with Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan to discuss
        the snooker masters semi-final in London, England.

Keith Richards (January 2019): Another tour

I mean, hey, how bad can it be? You get up there and do what you love to do, and fortunately so do millions of others. It’s not something to turn your nose up at, you know. And it’s what I do. It’s the way the band feels. You can only do this if everybody is absolutely on. And the fact that they all are is an incredible tribute to the lads. They just want to do it.

    January 26, 2019: Ron Wood and Rod Stewart eat out at a French restaurant in London.

January 30, 2019: Mick Jagger posts a video online of himself recording.

Late January/early February-c. February 20, 2019: The Rolling Stones hold recording sessions
    in Los Angeles.

    February 5, 2019: Charlie Watts attends drummer Hal Blaine's 90th birthday party in Los Angeles
        and is interviewed for an upcoming documentary.

    February 9, 2019: Keith Richards goes to actress Jennifer Aniston's birthday part at the Sunset
        Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.

    February 10, 2019: Mick Jagger attends Universal Music's Grammy Awards after-party in Los

February 11, 2019: The Rolling Stones announce they're adding a Canadian date in Ontario for
    the upcoming North American tour.

    February 17, 2019: Ron Wood eats out at Craig's restaurant in Los Angeles.

    February 22, 2019: Mick Jagger eats out at Nobu in Los Angeles, with Leo DiCaprio and Lady
        Gaga, then the trio attend the Creative Artists Agency's pre-Oscar party at the San Vincente
        Bungalows in West Hollywood, along with Al Pacino, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Jennifer
        Aniston among others.

    February 26, 2019: Mick Jagger attends a party at the Fleur Room at the Moxy Hotel in Chelsea,
        New York City, to celebrate the ballet-in-the-works based on Rolling Stones songs, Porte
        Rouge, that Melanie Hamrick is producing.

    February 27, 2019: Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick continue celebrations with a dinner party
        at the restaurant The Pool in New York City.

Mick Jagger (February 27, 2019): Porte Rouge

Melanie had the idea to do the ballet and she’s choreographing it and she chose the songs to be honest. We discussed a few alternatives – but she really chose them. Part of my job is to make sure that they all run together smoothly, do the links and the edits so they work together. So they flow nicely and the highs and lows go together and the keys work going from one song to the next–that sort of thing. (…) We added bits of sound effects for the ballet but I mean it’s all music that’s already quite well-known songs.

    March 14, 2019: Ron Wood attends a fundraising gala at The Roundhouse in London, England,
        and plays onstage with musicians including Seal and Beverly Knight for the event.

March 15, 2019: The Rolling Stones' Exhibitionism opens at TOC Gotanda Messe in Tokyo,

Keith Richards (March 2019): Album progress, Charlie and Mick

We’re working on the album. We’ve got the first bits done and I’m looking forward to getting back in after this tour. Charlie Watts is playing his arse off!... He’s absolutely amazing. It’s indescribable to find a drummer like Charlie Watts, exceptionally brilliant.

I can never praise Charlie enough and I can praise Mick Jagger 99 per cent of the time. Mick knows what I mean and he’ll say the same about me. Things happen between Mick and me because it’s just two guys working together. You only hear about the odd bust-up. I love the man 99 per cent of the time.

    March 25, 2019: Mick Jagger eats out at Makoto restaurant in Miami, Florida.

    March 26, 2019: Melanie Hamrick's Rolling Stones-music inspired ballet, Porte Rouge, gets
        its world premiere in St. Petersburg, Russia.

March 29, 2019: The Rolling Stones hold a private dinner at Casa Tua restaurant in Miami,
    Florida, where tour rehearsals have been in preparation.

    March 29, 2019: Keith Richards' 1988 Talk Is Cheap album gets an expanded re-release.

March 30, 2019: The Rolling Stones announce the No Filter North American Tour is postponed
    because Mick Jagger needs medical treatment.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Ron Wood (March 30, 2019): Postponing the tour

Mick: I’m so sorry to all our fans in America & Canada with tickets. I really hate letting you down like this.

I’m devastated for having to postpone the tour but I will be working very hard to be back on stage as soon as I can. Once again, huge apologies to everyone.

Keith: A big disappointment for everyone but things need to be taken care of and we will see you soon. Mick, we are always there for you!

Ron: We’ll miss you over the next few weeks, but we’re looking forward to seeing you all again very soon. Here’s to Mick  - thanks for your supportive messages it means so much to us.

    March 31, 2019: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood are still in Miami. Mick Jagger and
        Ron Wood take time out at the beach with their respective families.

    April 1, 2019: The press reports Mick Jagger will have to undergo a medical procedure related
        to a heart valve.

    April 4, 2019: It is reported that Mick Jagger has undergone a successful non-surgical heart
        valve replacement procedure in New York City and that he is recovering in hospital.

    April 5, 2019: Mick Jagger announces on social media that he is well and recovering.

    Early-to-mid April 2019: Keith Richards and Ron Wood take a holiday in the Caribbean.

Ron Wood (Late April 2019): Cheering Mick up

Sally and I went on a break to the Caribbean with Keith and Patti and sent him videos of us playing and singing get well songs on the guitar. That cracked him up. We're all so pleased that he’s doing well.

    April 11, 2019: Mick Jagger posts a picture online of himself walking in the park in New York.

    April 18, 2019: Mick Jagger attends the North American premiere of Porte Rouge at the David H.
        Koch Theater in New York City, and greets the audience via microphone offstage.

April 19, 2019: The Rolling Stones' 1971-2016 greatest hits compilation album Honk
is released, with an expanded edition featuring live performances from 2013-18,
several with guest artists.

    April 20, 2019: Ron Wood is out with his family in London, England.

    April 26, 2019: Mick Jagger leaves New York for Paris, France.

    May 1, 2019: Ron Wood records with Imelda May in London.

    May 3, 2019: Keith Richards is in New York City.

    May 6, 2019: Ron Wood performs onstage at the London Palladium with Imelda May.

    May 10, 2019: Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts attend the England-Pakistan cricket match at the
        Oval in London, England.

    May 11, 2019: Mick Jagger enjoys a family reunion day out in London.

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