Don't you know I'm the 2000 man?

    January 2000: Mick Jagger is in Colombia, looking into a possible film on Che Guevara.

    Early-to-mid January 2000: After recently been attacked by a knife-yielding intruder in his home in late December,
        George Harrison, along with his wife Olivia, is spending time at Ron Wood's home in Ireland.

    February 2000: Mick Jagger works on more demos for his next solo album in Paris, France.

    Mid-February 2000: Mick Jagger records an early, alternate version of Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of with
        U2 in Dublin, Ireland.

    March 3, 2000: In London, England, Ron Wood presents an award on UK TV's Brit Awards.

    March 30, 2000: Mick Jagger returns to his birthtown to open the Mick Jagger Centre, dedicated to arts and music,
        at his old school the Dartford Grammar School.

    April 2000: Keith Richards records in New Jersey with blues legend Hubert Sumlin, guitarist for Howlin' Wolf.

    April 18, 2000: Production starts in England for the film Enigma, which Mick Jagger oversees as executive producer.

    May 2000: Mick Jagger does more demo work for his solo album at his home in Richmond, England.

Mick Jagger (2001): Deciding to make another solo album

It's (been) a while (since I'd done one). And really, I'd done a very long project on Bridges to Babylon. I was on the road for ages with that, and when I came off the road, I thought, Well, the next studio thing I want to do, I want to do on my own.


May 3, 2000: The Rolling Stones gather for the first time in nearly a year, at the Half Moon pub in
    Putney, London, at a wake for Keith Richards' bodyguard Joe Seabrook. Keith Richards and Ron Wood
    take part in a jam.

    May 8, 2000: Mick Jagger is in the Netherlands for the continuing shooting of Enigma.

Mick Jagger (2000): Making movies

It's not (a fleeting distraction). It's a long-term commitment. (Jagged Films has) other films in development. We know other people might not want to make everything we want to make. But there will be other films. And I've already been around Enigma for three or four years.

I've always done a lot of production for Stones documentaries, and some of them were quite big. The Imax one was really big. I do a lot of work like that without really realizing that's what I'm doing - hiring people, firing them sometimes, getting money together, making sure it's distributed, advertised, promoted and so on. So I'd done that for a bit, and I thought, well, maybe I should be (producing films).

I've always been involved in films in some way... trying to get to put money into them, develop them, act in them to some extent. So I just started to get involved slightly more seriously... (T)hey're all hopefully intelligent (films)... Intelligent movies are really difficult to make because nobody wants to give you the money for those. Because everyone wants lots of set pieces and explosions and... sex. Nothing wrong with it but that's just not my thing. Bombs and bottoms (laughs).


    Mid-May 2000: Mick Jagger attends the Cannes Film Festival in France.

    May 18, 2000: Mick Jagger's mother, Eva, dies at age 87.

    May 23, 2000: The Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project is released, an album of experimental/electronic music the
        drummers recorded in 1997-98.

Charlie Watts (2000): Electronic Charlie

It started with Jim and myself, just the two of us playing around, really. (Jim) had some sampled sequences that he wanted me to play along with, and so I did... I didn't approach it like I would normally do in a band, where I'd just hire five guys to play the music with me... The overtones of the rhythm make a melody in themselves. So I wanted to keep the drums as sparse and as simple as possible. At the same time, we did it very electronically. And that was kind of the interest because I'm normally not very into that.

Charlie Watts (2000): Jazz, rock & roll and the Stones

With the jazz, it's great being onstage with such wonderful players, and with the Stones, it's great being up there with your friends. I stand firmly with my rock & roll band - though I have to say I have always considered the Stones to be a great blues band. Rock & roll to me is Little Richard.


May 26, 2000: The Rolling Stones gather again in London, for the funeral of Eva Jagger. They sing the
    traditional Will the Circle Be Unbroken?.

    Late June 2000: Ron Wood checks into the Priory Clinic in London, England, for treatment of alcoholism.

    Mid-July 2000: Shooting for the film Enigma wraps up in London.

Charlie Watts (2000): The Rolling Stones then and now

We tour very well now - first class and Rolls-Royces, and that's the only way to do it. Those (first years) were valuable times, though, because that's how you became a working band. And we still are. There's bigger gaps between work, but we're still a working band.


    July 13, 2000: Keith Richards catches a Neville Brothers concert in New York City.

    July 22-23, 2000: Keith Richards records with Ronnie Spector in New York City.

    Late July 2000: Mick Jagger holidays in France.

Charlie Watts & Mick Jagger (July 2000): The Rolling Stones in the near future

Charlie: It'll come around again, I should think. It's totally up to Mick and Keith. They've got the hardest bit to do, which is to write the songs. I mean, I could say we're starting next week and no one would listen. What would we do? We'd end up with another album of drum instrumentals, and I don't think the others would be too keen... I complain about going on the road, but as Mick has said, He wouldn't do it if he didn't like it. And he's absolutely right.

Mick: I think we'll be touring the Stones again quite soon. I'm sure it will happen. 


    July 31, 2000: Mick Jagger attends his ex Jerry Hall's debut in a theatre production of The Graduate in London.

    August 12, 2000: Charlie Watts is back again in Poland purchasing horses.

    August 13, 2000: A court rules the marriage between Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall was never  valid.

    August 25, 2000: Frequent arranger for the Stones in the 1960s, legendary Jack Nitzsche in Los Angeles.

    August 30, 2000: Keith Richards' father, Bert, dies in Connecticut at age 85.

    September 2000: Ron Wood and his brother Art join early Stones drummer Carlo Little in recordings in London
        for an album.

    September 22, 2000: Ron Wood takes part in the taping in London of a musical televised British tribute for what
        would have been John Lennon's sixtieth birthday.

    October 2000: Keith Richards and Ron Wood take part in recordings for an album by Blondie Chaplin in New York
        or Toronto.

    October 7, 2000: Keith Richards jumps onstage with pianist Johnnie Johnson at a club in New York City.

    October 20, 2000: Keith Richards attends the Vogue Fashion Awards at Madison Square Garden and plays pool
        backstage afterwards with Paul McCartney.

    November 5, 2000: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall host a charity fundraiser dinner at London's Harrington Club for the
        opening of a Kabbalah Centre, and Mick Jagger takes part with his brother Chris in a jam with guests Ron Wood,
        Bill Wyman and Dave Stewart. George Harrison also attends.

    November 2000: Mick Jagger shoots his part in Los Angeles for the film The Man from Elysian Fields.

    November 16, 2000: Keith Richards takes part in a charity production of the Broadway musical The Music Man in
        New York City.

    November 21, 2000: Ron Wood and Bill Wyman play together with other musicians at a hotel in London, England.

    November 22, 2000: Ron Wood joins his brother Art onstage at the Eel Pie Club in Twickenham, London.

    November 25, 2000: Mick Jagger attends a Wyclef Jean concert at Shepherds Bush Empire in London, England.

    November 27, 2000: Mick Jagger attends a concert by The Who at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

    November 28, 2000: Mick Jagger attends a private Madonna concert at London's Brixton Academy.

    December 2000: Charlie Watts records a track with Chico Hamilton at Olympic Sound Studios in London, England.

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