Still I play the fool and strut

    January 1982: Bill Wyman holds solo recordings sessions in England and production work for the Stray Cats.

Early February 1982: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards join director Hal Ashby in Los Angeles to start
    work on the concert film Let's Spend the Night Together.

    February 1982: Keith Richards spends time with comedian John Belushi in Los Angeles a month before the latter's

    February-March 1982: Bill Wyman promotes the release of his next solo album in Australia, Indonesia and Japan.

    February 18-21, 1982: Ron Wood joins Bobby Womack, then Chuck Berry, onstage at The Ritz in New York City.

Late February 1982: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards work on the soundtrack for the film Let's Spend the
    Night Together at the Power Station in New York City.

March-April 1982: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, joined by Charlie Watts and Ron Wood, mix tracks
    and record overdubs for the live album Still Life at The Power Station in New York City.

    March 18, 1982: Keith Richards and Ron Wood record with Jimmy Cliff in New York City. Later Keith Richards and
        Patti Hansen attend Ron Wood's party for his girlfriend Jo at Studio 54.

    March 25-April 8, 1982: Bill Wyman visits Japan.

    March 26, 1982: Bill Wyman's third solo album, Bill Wyman, is released.

    April 1982: Bill Wyman moves back to England after eleven years of living in France.

    April 17, 1982: Ron Wood joins Toots and the Maytals onstage at The Ritz in New York City.

    April 22, 1982: Stevie Ray Vaughan auditions for Rolling Stones Records in New York City, with Mick Jagger and
        Ron Wood in attendance.

    April 26, 1982: Keith Richards joins Etta James onstage at The Other End in New York City, performing Rock Me

April 28-30, 1982: Mick Jagger holds press conferences in London, Vienna, Munich and Paris announcing
    the Rolling Stones' 1982 European Tour.

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards (1982): Touring Europe

Mick: We don't make any money is one of the reasons (we don't tour Europe frequently). And life is only so long... And - we just figured we should really go because if it's gonna be (laughs) another 7 years, we may NEVER go again. I mean, that's a real - you've really got to face up to that (laughs). I mean, we'll never go again, that'll be the last time definitely we go to Europe, unless we go the year after. Not in this band, in this place, I mean... it's impossible.

Keith: I need this to keep me young. When we started this band we thought we had about two or three years. Now it's habit and it's absolutely vital that it works on the road. We need constant contact with a living audience. We're so excited about the prospect of doing Britain again after so long. Wherever we might make our home now, Britain is where our roots are.


May 7-24, 1982: The Rolling Stones hold tour rehearsals at Shepperton Studios in London, England.

    May 1982: Keith Richards meets his father again, Bert Richards, for the first time in 20 years.

Ron Wood (1982): Touring Europe after America

I was talking to Mick the other night about the European tour we were about to embark on. He was saying, Try to think about some numbers that England would like. You know, let's say England, or as Angie was the biggest ever for the Stones in Europe, we mustn't forget to put it in and all that kind of thing. 'Cause Europe they want to see... - it's like, All right then, you've left us out. Or you WERE going to leave us out. Or now you're here, FINALLY, after doing the States and given them all your finest kind of thing. So what we do is make it an extension of what we did in 1981. But even better.


May 26-28, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform warm-up, theatre concerts in Aberdeen, Glasgow and
    Edinburgh in Scotland. Keyboardist Chuck Leavell makes his public debut with the band.

May 30, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform a final warm-up concert in London, England, at the 100 Club.

June 1, 1982: The Rolling Stones' 4th live album, Still Life, is released.

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards (1982): Still Life

Mick: Live albums are funny things. I mean, it's not the sort of thing I rush home to play but this one sounds pretty good. It's... CONCISE. You know, it's like a telescopic version of the show.

Keith: All this live stuff I want to come out as soon as it's ready, you know. Otherwise it becomes history. I would've liked the live album to come out in January but it's impossible, you know - I was dead on me feet. It sounds pretty good to me and I don't generally like live albums. I've stuck with this one so - it's good stuff.


June 2-5, 1982: The Rolling Stones officially kick off their 1982 Tattoo You European Tour, their first
    tour of the continent in six years, with three concerts at Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam in the

    June 3, 1982: Mick Jagger joins George Thorogood onstage at a club in The Hague, Netherlands.

June 6-11, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform in West Germany, with two stadium concerts in Hannover
    (their first ever), an arena show in West Berlin and two stadium shows in Munich.

June 13-16, 1982: The Rolling Stones swing through France, perform two stadium concerts in Paris and
    one in Lyon.

June 19-20, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform two concerts at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

June 23, 1982: The Rolling Stones start the British leg of their European Tour with a concert at St. James
    Park in Newcastle.

June 25-26, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform their first ever concerts at Wembley Stadium in London,
    England. Ringo Starr is among those attending on the first night.

June 27, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform at Ashton Gate Park in Bristol, England.

June 29-July 5, 1982: The Rolling Stones swing back through West Germany and Austria, performing
    three concerts at the Festhalle in Frankfurt, a concert at Prater Stadium in Vienna and two shows at
    Müngersdorfer Stadium in Cologne.

    July 2, 1982: Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Chuck Leavell sing a privately taped song in the bathroom of a
        restaurant in Vienna, where the band is holding a birthday party for Jerry Hall.

    July 3, 1982: Mick Jagger appears onstage at the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Vienna.

July 7-9, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform two concerts at Vincente Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain,
    their first ever in the city.

July 11-12, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform their first concerts in Italy since 1970, and first ever in
    Turin, at Stadio Comunale. July 12 marks the 20th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first ever
    concert, at the Marquee Club in London.

July 15-17, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform in Basel, Switzerland and Naples, Italy, both for the first

July 20, 1982: The Rolling Stones return to France to perform at the Parc des Sports de l'Ouest in Nice.

July 24, 1982: The Rolling Stones perform in Ireland for the first time since 1965, performing at Slane
    Castle in Slane.

July 25, 1982: On the eve of Mick Jagger's 39th birthday, the Rolling Stones end their 1982 European
    Tour with a concert at Roundhay Park in Leeds, England, their last ever concert with Ian Stewart
    and their last paid public performance for the next seven years.

    July 26, 1982: Mick Jagger celebrates his birthday in London, along with Ron Wood, Ian Stewart and others.

    July 27, 1982: Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Bobby Keys jam with the J. Geils Band at the Carlton Hotel in London,

    Late July 1982: Mick Jagger is in Paris, France, doing business work for the eventual release of the Rolling Stones'
        concert film.

    August 1982: The Rolling Stones Past and Present, a 12-hour documentary, starts airing on U.S. radio.

    August 18-20, 1982: Keith Richards watches the Reggae Sunsplash festival in Jamaica.

    September 1982: Keith Richards returns to New York after his stay in Jamaica.

    September 25, 1982: Mick Jagger watches The Who and The Clash perform at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, with his
        daughter Jade, one year after the Rolling Stones performed there.

    October-November 1982: Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger hold a widely publicized separation, with Jerry Hall seeing
        multi-millionaire horse-breeder Robert Sangster and Mick Jagger publicly dating many (mostly very young)

Jerry Hall (1985): Mick on tour

Mick becomes a totally different person on tour. Instead of the nice, gentle, gentlemanly guy I live with, he becomes this incredible egomaniac. If you took it literally, you'd think: God, this guy is rude. On tour he never opens the door for anyone. That's unheard of. He goes toward a door and you follow three steps behind. And if the door slams in your face, that's too bad.


October 7-13, 1982: Mick Jagger works with director Hal Ashby again on the concert film Let's Spend
    the Night Together in Los Angeles.

Mid-October-November 7, 1982: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and towards the end Charlie Watts, start
    work on the
Rolling Stones' next album, Undercover, recording demos in a basement studio in Paris,

    Late October 1982: Charlie Watts is in New York City.

    October 25, 1982: Ron Wood plays sitar at a restaurant in New York City.


    November 10, 1982: Mick Jagger is in the audience in New York City watching the taping of Late Night with David

Mick Jagger (1983): Writing the Undercover album 

When we started off writing (the Undercover album), Keith and I got in a bit early and we rented an 8-track demo studio here in Paris. And I said, Well, have you got some, Keith? and we took turns at playing the drums and - well, we played guitar and we got to know the material each of us had written in the past few months, you know. So when we actually got the band into the studio, we had sort of a hard-core bunch of songs, which is ACTUALLY most of the songs on the album. 


November 11-December 19, 1982: The Rolling Stones start official recording sessions for the album
    Undercover at EMI-Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris, France.

Mick Jagger (1984): "She Was Hot" 

She Was Hot is a bit of an on-the-road song. You know, Detroit was smoky grey, nothing like the good old days or something. It's a bit of a road song, which I hate - road songs - normally. But, I mean, that's your experience so you draw on it.


Mid-December 1982: The Rolling Stones hold a band meeting at the Ritz Hotel in Paris with Prince
    Rupert Loewenstein, to discuss future possible album and tour plans.

    December 18, 1982: The band celebrates Keith Richards' 39th birthday at a restaurant in St Denis, France.

    Late December 1982: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall holiday in Mustique, while Charlie and Bill return to England.
        Keith Richards and Patti Hansen return to New York, and are planning to wed.


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