Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
British Columbia



Nova Scotia

  Halifax                    Halifax Commons                                     Sep. 23, 2006

New Brunswick

Moncton            Magnetic Hill Site                                         Sep. 3, 2005


Magnetic Hill Site, Moncton, New Brunswick, September 3, 2005


Quebec City         Le Colisée                                                                   Jan. 5, 1998
                             Plaines d'Abraham (Fesitival d'été de Québec)         July 15, 2015

Montreal              Aréna Maurice Richard                                              Apr. 23, 1965
                            Forum                                                                          Oct. 29, 1965
                            Forum                                                                          June 30, 1966

[Montreal, June 30, 1966.]  It was unbelievable. We've never seen anything like it before. I was disgusted. There were about 30 bouncers when we appeared - all of them huge blokes, wrestlers, I think. They were punching people for no reason at all and then throwing them out. One fight broke out at the front of the theatre while we were playing and 6 of the chaps set on one kid. It was terrible. It was going on in front of 12 000 people, too. In the end we stopped playing because the fans were booing and hissing and pointing at the bouncers. We joined in - and after the show, had to run for our lives because the wrestlers tried to get up on the stage after us. I was scared out of my life. I thought we were going to get it that time.
- Mick Jagger, 1966

                            Forum                                                                          July 17, 1972

(Montreal, July 17, 1972.)  Why didn't that cat leave a note?
- Mick Jagger, after a bomb explodes
destroying some of the Stones' equipment

                           Stade du Parc Olympique                                             Dec. 13, 1989
                           Stade du Parc Olympique                                             Dec. 14, 1989
                           Stade du Parc Olympique                                             Dec. 5, 1994
                           Stade du Parc Olympique                                             Dec. 6, 1994
                           Centre Molson                                                              Apr. 19, 1998
                           Centre Molson                                                              Apr. 20, 1998
                           Centre Bell                                                                    Jan. 8, 2003
                           Centre Bell                                                                    Jan. 10, 2006
                           Centre Bell                                                                    June 9, 2013




 Bell Center, Montreal, Quebec, January 8, 2003


Ottawa              YMCA Auditorium                                        Apr. 24, 1965
                         Lansdowne Park                                           Aug. 28, 2005


Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Ontario, August 28, 2005

Oshawa             Civic Auditorium                                         Apr. 22, 1979

[Oshawa, April 22, 1979.]  Man, I'm not just here on an ego trip or because I'm a groupie. I love these guys. They believe in what they're doing. And I want to be with 'em because of that. I love them because they're a lousy rock and roll band. Who the hell wans to listen to Emerson, Lake and Palmer?
- John Belushi, comedian, who emcee'd the show

Toronto              Maple Leaf Gardens                                   Apr. 25, 1965
                          Maple Leaf Gardens                                   Oct. 31, 1965
                          Maple Leaf Gardens                                   June 29, 1966
                          Maple Leaf Gardens                                   July 15, 1972

One night we were bored in Toronto. So Keith and I got out the Yellow Pages and looked up escort services. We called up an agency telling them we were two businessmen dealing insurance from Omaha in town for a convention (laughs). We said we needed two lady escorts for dinner. We told them to send over two of their finest. We even taped the conversation. These chicks show up expecting guys in 3-piece business suits. When they saw us they were taken aback. It ended up as a mild evening of lightweight debauchery.
- Bobby Keys, Stones' saxophonist

                          Maple Leaf Gardens                                  June 17, 1975
                          Maple Leaf Gardens                                  June 18, 1975
                          El Mocambo Club                                      Mar. 4, 1977
                          El Mocambo Club                                      Mar. 5, 1977


El Mocambo Club, Toronto, Ontario, March 1977

[Toronto, March 5, 1977.]  (Keith) was hollow-cheeked, unshaven, gaunt, and he was so almost translucently pale that you automatically wondered how many years it had been since Mr. Sun had shined down on him. He smiled beatifically, though... A version of Muddy Wates' Mannish Boy, with its signature lyric of I'm a rolling stone, was as rock-bottom raunchy as anything the Stones have ever done... (E)ven Mick Jagger, middle-class and socially grasping as he was, had the lungs and the soul to out-soul many brothers. And Keith Richards, who had no blood in his veins anymore and whose soul had been stained blacker than black many years before by the same spirits that annointed the legendary Robert Johnson, glowed with an internal combustion that I'm not sure any scientist in the Western world could identify. Or would want to. And if there was any possibility that this could have been the last Rolling Stones concert ever, Keith reached into his back pocket or somewhere for licks and notes he surely had not hit in years and in Jumpin' Jack Flash he seemed to have transcended his smack addiction and sounded again as if he was wired directly into some pulsating black hole in space. He played good is what I mean to say and when Keith is on, ain't nobody can touch him.
- Chet Flippo, On the Road with the Rolling Stones (1985)

                         Exhibition Stadium                                          Sep. 3, 1989
                         Exhibition Stadium                                          Sep. 4, 1989
                         The Skydome                                                    Dec. 3, 1989
                         The Skydome                                                    Dec. 4, 1989
                         RPM Club                                                         July 19, 1994
                         Exhibition Stadium                                          Aug. 19, 1994
                         Exhibition Stadium                                          Aug. 20, 1994
                         The Skydome                                                    Dec. 3, 1994
                         The Horseshoe Tavern                                     Sep. 4, 1997
                         The Skydome                                                    Apr. 26, 1998
                         Air Canada Centre                                           Feb. 25, 1999
                         Palais Royale Ballroom                                   Aug. 16, 2002

                                  The Palais Royale Ballroom, Toronto, Ontario, August 16, 2002

         Air Canada Centre                            Oct. 16, 2002
         The Skydome                                     Oct. 18, 2002
         Downsview Park                               July 30, 2003
         Pheonix Concert Theatre                  Aug. 10, 2005
         Rogers Centre                                    Sep. 26, 2005
         Air Canada Centre                            May 25, 2013 
         Air Canada Centre                            June 6, 2013

 Downsview Park, Toronto, Ontario, July 30, 2003

London             Treasure Island Gardens                                Apr. 26, 1965

[London, April 26, 1965.]  We just felt sorry for the fans suddenly not having a show to watch. So we ganged up on the police.
- Mick Jagger, April 1965, commenting on the Stones
ignoring the police and continuing to play after the
police cut the power after 50 fans jumped onstage



Winnipeg                 Winnipeg Arena                                     July 14, 1966
                                Winnipeg Stadium                                  Aug. 23, 1994
                                Winnipeg Stadium                                  Sep. 30, 1997



 Regina                 Mosaic Stadium                                     Oct. 6, 2006
                             Mosaic Stadium                                     Oct. 8, 2006


Edmonton             Commonwealth Stadium                             Oct. 4, 1994
                              Commonwealth Stadium                             Oct. 5, 1994
                              Commonwealth Stadium                             Oct. 2, 1997

You have to keep adjusting your wardrobe wherever you go. You leave home thinking you're going to be in Hawaii and suddenly you land in Edmonton - and it's freezing.
- Charlie Watts

Calgary                  Pengrowth Saddledome                              Oct. 28, 2005

British Columbia

Vancouver            PNE Agrodome                                            Dec. 1, 1965
                             PNE Forum Park                                         July 19, 1966

[Vancouver, July 19, 1966.]  Thirty-six teenagers were carried from an auditorium here Tuesday ater a disturbance broke out during a performance by the British rock and roll musical group the Rolling Stones. Eleven youngsters were held in temporary custody in a detention room at the Pacific National Exhibition Forum during the show. Two were charged with being drunk. Police said a policeman was kicked in the groin, an usher suffered a concussion when hit by a youth, a policewoman collapsed from exhaustion and a youth suffered a broken ankle during the show. Officers said a number of hysterical girls had to be carried over a riot fence between the audience and the performers.
- Vancouver newspaper, 1966

                             Canadian Pacific Coliseum                           June 3, 1972

                              B.C. Place Stadium                                      Nov. 1, 1989
                              B.C. Place Stadium                                      Nov. 2, 1989
                              B.C. Place Stadium                                      Dec. 17, 1994
                              B.C. Place Stadium                                      Dec. 18, 1994
                              B.C. Place Stadium                                      Jan. 28, 1998
                              B.C. Place Stadium                                      Nov. 25, 2006