Down in the Hole

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Recording date: June 1979-January 1980 & April 1980
Recording locations: Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, France & Electric Lady Studios, New York City

roducers: The Glimmer Twins        Associate producer & chief engineer: Chris Kimsey
Never performed onstage

Probable line-up:

Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Ron Wood
Vocal: Mick Jagger
Harmonica: Sugar Blue

Will all your money buy you forgiveness
Keep you from sickness or keep you from cold?
Will all your money keep you from madness
Keep you from sadness when you're down in the hole?
Cause you'll be down in the gutter, you'll be bumming for cigarettes
Bumming for nylons in the American Zone

You'll be down in the hole, yeah, down in the hole
No escape from trouble, nowhere to go

Down in the gutter, begging for cigarettes
Begging forgiveness, all that you know
You're down in the hole after digging the trenches
Looking for cover and finding out there ain't nowhere, nowhere to go, nowhere, nowhere, nowhere to go
None of your money will buy you forgiveness
None of your jewelry, none of your gold
Your black market cigarettes, your American nightclubs
I think I know where it leads
Something for nothing, all of your friends gone
Something for nothing, that's all that they know

There's something down in the hole, down, down, down in the hole
Something down, down, down, down in the hole


Mick:  Some numbers you play a lot, and then there's a number on this record called Down in the Hole which we actually made up (on the spot). And we only cut it twice, I think.
Ron:  I think we let the tape run.
Mick:  We did it twice. And there's other numbers which we did many times.

- Mick Jagger & Ron Wood, 1980

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