Boogie Chillen

Composer: John Lee Hooker       Original performer: John Lee Hooker (1948)
First release: exclusive fan club DVD, Fall 2005            Recording date: December 1989
Recording location: Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (live)
Performed onstage: 1989


Drums: Charlie Watts
Bill Wyman
Electric guitars: John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, Ron Wood & Eric Clapton (incl. solo)

Vocal: John Lee Hooker
Piano: Chuck Leavell

Well hey, hey hey
Boogie child, baby

I was walking down Hastings Street
I heard everybody talking about, talking about the Henry Swing Club
I drop in that night, I need to boogie
I need to boogie, boogie, I need to boogie high

Hey, hey hey
Hey hey

I was laying down, I heard, heard, heard
I was laying down one night, I heard, I heard, heard
I heard, I heard, heard, heard mama and papa talking
Hey, how to boogie

I think you want to boogie
Do you want to boogie?
Do the boogie now
Hey, hey hey hey hey

Let me tell you something

I was laying down one night, I was laying down
I heard, I heard, I heard, heard, I heard, I heard, heard, heard
Do the boogie

Feel good, I feel good, feel good
Feel good, feel good
Feel, feel, feel, feel
Feel good

Thank you


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