All Down the Line
(alternate take)

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
First release: download, May 3, 2010            Recording date: July 1970 & Fall 2009
Recording location: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England; One East Studio, New York City, USA;
The Village & Mix This!, Los Angeles, USA; & unidentified studio, London, England
Producers: Jimmy Miller, Don Was & The Glimmer Twins             Chief engineers: Glyn Johns, Andy Johns & Krish Sharma
Mixer: Bob Clearmountain             Never performed onstage 

Probable line-up:

Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Mick Taylor
Vocal: Mick Jagger
Piano: Nicky Hopkins

Baby for a while
Won't you be my baby for a while?

Going to salt my highway
All down the line
Oh, got to come all my way, yeah
All down the line, hey

Now you dropped the water bottle, yeah
Dropped the water bottle, yeah - call me
Got to be the trouble
Got to, oh mama yeah, get you for a ride
Going to chugging down
What a woman should do out of town

Won't you be my baby for a while?
Ah, won't you be my baby for a while?

All down the line
Oh, hear the women singing, yeah
Singing sha-la-leh

Coming down for trouble, yeah, yeah
Ah you dropped the bottle, yeah
Causing all the trouble
You were making all the trouble

Yeah, you coming down
I'll be coming round
If you got it broken, all around, all round now

Yeah, yeah, you dropped the water bottle, yeah
Going to lead to trouble, yeah - come on

Oh... ah yeah
Ah ya yeah

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